Equipment for the construction of parabolic-shaped banked curves

Unique plant and equipment for the construction of parabolic-shaped banked curves

With the development of a globally unique range of plant and equipment for the construction of parabolic-shaped banked curves, STRABAG and Max Bögl – here united as SMB – demonstrate the highest degree of innovation and experience in this specialist area, road construction. The accurate high-quality laying of all road surfaces is made possible by state of the art technology in the form of a highly developed bridge paver and the reliable accurate compaction by precisely controlled rollers.

With the greatest precision, the bridge paver can lay asphalt courses as well as gravel base courses (and hydraulically stabilised base courses) in level, inclined and parabolic surfaces. The paving screed is replaceable and can be adapted to any width required to be able to produce the lane in one piece without any longitudinal joints.

Highly-precise sensors scan the reference rails on the side next to the paver chassis horizontally and vertically and transfer this data on to the central computer. This enables the various hydraulic systems to accurately move the paver chassis and the screed to the required positions.

The bridge paver is fed using the storage tank mounted on the side which is filled by either using a refilling machine or by an excavator or wheel loader. Screw feeders and conveyer belts carry the material to the paving screed, which ensures an even distribution of the mixture over the entire width.

The accurate compaction of the parabolic surfaces is carried out by specially-shaped rollers, which are guided by supporting equipment with electronically-controlled hydraulic cable winches. Rollers with differing drums are used depending of the shape of the parabolic or transition curve.

This unique and specialized laying method without joints combined with maximum compaction achieves the best possible quality and displays very good long-term characteristics over decades.


Brochure SMB Construction (.pdf)

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