Itaipu Dam

The Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam located on the Parana River on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. The dam set a world record producing the most energy of any dam in the world. The record was sat at 103,098,366 megawatt hours (MWh).

Itaipu Dam reaches a height of 643 feet (196 m) and stretches across the Parana River 25,981 feet (7,919 m). The dam volume tops out at 430,000,000 cubic feet (12,300,000 cubic m). The dam creates the Itaipu Reservoir with a surface area of 24,000,000 acres.

The Itaipu Dam has a spillway capacity of 2,200,000 cubic feet per second (62,200 cubic m/s). The American Society of Civil Engineers designated Itaipu Dam with the honor of being one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.

The iron and steel used to create Itaipu Dam would be able to create 380 Eiffel Towers, whereas the amount of concrete used could create 210 football stadiums.


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