Job Posting Guidelines

Job Announcements maintains a mailing list and web page for employment opportunities in the engineering, construction, architecture and design community.

Looking for job listings

Job postings are sent via the Job Announcements mailing list, and listed on the website.

Posting a job listing

You can post a job by sending email to, or by filling out our web form. Your posting will be reviewed and then forwarded to the subscriber list and posted on the web page.

Job posting guidelines

When submitting a job listing, please follow these guidelines:

  • Put the job description in the text of the message — do not include PDF or other email attachments.
  • Put the job title in the subject.
  • Include a closing date for the position.
  • Send your message exactly as it should appear to users — the text will not be edited, so if it starts with “Dear Admin, please post this job” then that will appear in the final message.
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