Massive Landslide In Taiwan

10 years have already passed since this incredible landslide occurred.

On April 25, 2010, a landslide occurred on a highway near Xizhi, Taiwan. A large amount of dirt buried both directions of the highway. Four cars were buried under the rubble, killing four people.

Possible causes of the accident in Taiwan: Poor anchorage on the hillside was blamed as a possible cause, as there had been no rain at the time of the collapse and no earthquake was recorded.

Repairs: The highway repairs were completed on June 19, 2010 and normal traffic flow was restored.

Below we show you a video of a taiwan newscast reporting the news:


In the following link you can see the images that we have posted on instagram about this accident



Machines working on road repairs.



If you need more information about this accident, you can consult the links below
Wikipedia (Link below):

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